Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What is NLWM, you ask?

 April is (or was?) National Letter Writing Month = NLWM
To celebrate the lost art of handwriting and mailing actual letters, I've joined a group this year through Lindsay Ostrom - Creator of Cuteness blog and Facebook page. We have an amazing group of 138... ish letter writers, card makers, ephemera senders, art journalers, friends that will be sending mail to each other (some to all, some to only a few) for the entire month of April. I started my April 1 off with my first two pieces of NLWM mail... one from my designated pen pal and one from another writer in the group:
 The head chief of this fun, Lindsay Ostrom, sent me a postcard that I received yesterday but it looks like a dog chewed it or something...
 In fact, I'm even surprised it showed up at all!!! I'm guessing it must have ripped after the mail was sorted and already on its way here... look at this!
I look forward to a VERY fun month. ...fine time for Canada Post to raise postage prices, hey? Oh well.

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