Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Crafting weekend #2...

I had the most amazing time this weekend at Chelsey's Creative Events Scrapbooking event. A full weekend, a full room of scrapbookers, card makers, and art journalers, and it's like a little piece of heaven... that disappears in what feels like merely minutes. Here's a shot before we started:

And... well... all of my writing supplies:

Here's Christina and myself. She put a tattoo mustache on for the day. What fun.

Here's one of my Documented Life Project challenges:
"Draw a shape, repeat, add colour"

Chelsey was always is so kind and caring throughout these events. (And I'm sure in her daily personal life too, she's just one of those good people) I made this for her as a small gesture of my appreciation:

Then, smarty pants Roxanne decided she needed one so I whipped this one up in the final minutes of our weekend. (I feel like it's unfinished... I may have to give her a do-over):

Finally, I tried to work mostly on redoing my online classes I've taken over the past year. I started with Letter Love 101 and made my way to Letter Love 201:

I focused more on the lessons rather than the colouring. Now I have a ton of colouring to complete:

Can you see my name in there? It'll be easier to spot once coloured:

Remember all those stickers I had? This was finally my chance to play with a few of them without having to share... (I'm so selfish with my stickers... well, I want to be but I end up letting the girls use them before I can so this was a little bit of sticker selfishness for myself)

And more classes, partially complete:

Some lyrics from The National:

And some pieces of happy mail I received, turned into a journal spread:

I also finally finished the cover to my Documented Life Project book:

And made a picture of my two Prima girls. I see the left one as Addison and the right one as Emily.

And I got home to the first signs of spring!!!


  1. How fun to see your posts of lots of lettering bliss. Hope you are getting tons of NLWM happy mail in April.

  2. Wow, you got a lot accomplished in that crafting weekend! Especially love, love, love the lettering and your DLP cover!!