Tuesday, 11 February 2014

time flies...

I have to apologise. It's been MONTHS since I've been here. Carpal Tunnel release surgery on both wrists caused me to put down the journal for a few months while I healed. Then, you know how it is, you stop doing something and you find something else to fill that time with. So I finally pulled out the journal(s) again and here I am.
Last Christmas my sister made me some vinyls for my kitchen walls to match the ones she made for me at our last house. We finally got around to putting them up and I must say, they are amazing!! (Excuse the mess)

 Before I really jumped back into journalling, I had to make myself a little pouch to carry my coloured pencils and pens in when I take my journal with me. I'm so proud of my little pouch that I designed myself and sewed without experience:
 ...and my love for Joanne Sharpe continues. I'm taking both her Draw Your Awesome Year and Draw Your Awesome Life classes online.
I have to take the time to take pics of what I've been up to. I'll try to do that tonight so I can catch you up on my last couple of weeks back into art journaling!

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