Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Healing Essentially Everything, Naturally!!

I've had my Young Living Essential Oils kit for a couple of weeks now. I wasn't sure if it was necessary to buy the starter kit or if I should just buy a couple of the oils I was initially interested in. I decided to buy the kit because it allowed me 24% off any future orders plus I got to try 11 different oils AND get a diffuser. That just made sense. So, you're wondering, what did I discover?
I use Lavender and Peace and Calming essential oils nightly on my girls. I made a "sleep, baby, sleep" cream (virgin coconut oil with Lavender and Peace and Calming) that I apply on the girls' chests before bed and then I diffuse either Lavender or Peace and Calming at bedtime. Typically, my girls, who are night hawks, are passed out within literally minutes! I even have nights where both girls sleep through the entire night!!
The first thing I do in the morning is add Lemon Essential Oil to my water and drink up. It's great for the liver and tastes great too!
My youngest had a fever. I put Lemon Essential Oil on her spine and Peppermint on the bottoms of her feet and diffused Thieves. Within a couple of hours she was bouncing around, feeling amazing. I've never seen anything like it in my life!!
I have been diffusing Thieves essential oil for the past couple of nights because I can tell there is a cold coming to get us. We're not out of the woods just yet but we're definitely not getting any worse. I know from hearing from fellow Young Living oil users that we will beat this cold before it gets us! I also am using Thieves to get rid of a wart I have and to treat toenail fungus. I don't think it's really fungus, my grandmother had thick toenails and I do too but I'm using it anyway and they're already noticeably thinner. 
My neck and arm bother me on a daily basis - I have discs in my neck that are pinching nerves in my arm - but I use PanAway Essential oils which takes my pain completely away.
When I start to get stressed I use Stress Away essential oil and within about 10 minutes I am so much calmer and able to cope.
I put lavender essential oil on cuts, scrapes and on mosquito bites.  It heals the skin amazingly fast and makes it soft.  I’ve also used it, mixed with virgin coconut oil, as a bum cream on my youngest.
When my girls get crazy, I bring out the Peace and Calming essential oil and dab some behind their ears. Within minutes they're calmer.
I use purification essential oil to freshen the air.  Our cat that now has passed, in her later years, used to urinate on the carpet in the basement. A smell which we could not get rid of. We honestly thought we had to rip out the carpet. Nope! I mixed Purification with distilled water and sprayed the air and the carpet as well as diffused Purification and the smell is gone!
I had an upset stomach the other evening and I put some Peppermint Essential Oil on it and it went away within minutes.  I also use Peppermint when I get a headache to remove the pain almost instantly.
My older daughter copped an attitude with me. Frankincense to the rescue!! It's like an attitude adjustment in a bottle!
I use Valor essential oil just before bed to stop from snoring. I had an anxiety attack the other day. I won't get into the details but I dropped some Valor on the top of my head and within minutes I could handle my surroundings again.

That's just in the last couple of weeks. Just imagine the next couple of months!!
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